What we do

Rugby for all enables talented yet disadvantaged individuals to carry on the Gura Humorului great rugby tradition forwards, whilst developing their own skills at the highest degree, since 2017. Powered by DHL Express Romania and Banca Comerciala Romana, Rugby for all is one of the most complex and integrated non-formal educational programs currently in Romania. Developed as an annual program, Rugby for all enables children and youngsters reach their full potential through sport, whilst receiving outstanding support and all the benefits of a supportive and friendly community.

  • 61 mentees
  • 45 mentors
  • 33 Rugby for all graduates
  • 115 workshops
  • 14 sport events
  • 8 networking and social integration events

What we do

  • Preventing school abandonment
  • Promoting social inclusion
  • Improving rugby performance
  • Increasing communication & social skills
  • Support and counselling
  • Mentoring

Our values

  • Equal opportunities for all children
  • Encouraging education through sports/rugby
  • Career development

How can you help?

You can contribute with any amount